Sunday, 31 May 2009


Thank you
for checking my blog out. It's my first real attempt at putting something like this together, so if it seems a bit erratic, please bear with me...

Is there a point to all this? I would say that there is. I wish to get something published...a piece of creative writing that I have been developing during this gig called "life". It has been a real goal of mine since childhood that I have never really got around to starting properly - save accumulating a mountain of handwritten notes that look (and possibly read) like the writings of a madman. I reckon it's about time to document and develop this thing, with a view to getting it produced in a paperback form.

So yes...that's the ultimate goal.

At first read, it may very well come across as unintelligible, near impossible to follow. That's due to the fact that I pick up a pen every so often in a different frame of mind, and another segment of the story hits me spontaneously. Eventually, I'll iron out all the creases and try to piece it together into a more linear form. Where necessary, I will establish for the reader what point in the larger scale of things each extract takes place - with perhaps a short intro to help you out.

The working title is "Cubes" - a reference to the run-down, prison cell-like block of flats in Liverpool where I live. It's a semi-autobiographical story with flashes of surreal humour, sweeping moments of optimism punctuated by moments of dark drama. It takes the form of a "stream-of-consciousness" narrative from my perspective. It chronicles some key events in my recent life experiences and the characters I have met along the way. Everything comes from me, my memory, my mindset and to a lesser extent, my imagination so at points, it is an intensely personal and introspective work.

The events recounted here are, believe it or not, mostly true - names have been altered, some events dramatised due to me not being present at them, but in essence it is a slice of what it means to be me in early 21st-century inner-city Britain. Maybe you can find elements that apply to yourself as you read it...I certainly hope that you can connect with my words, whatever your background or reading tastes.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward very much to your feedback and suggestions. I'll be adding lots more content to this blog real soon, so please do call back.....I'll keep you in suspense for the first extract....