Thursday, 17 September 2009

Get your head TOGETHER.


The alarm on my mobile blared. I groaned as I reached down to the side of the bed and roughly slid the handset open then closed, de-activating the shrill ring-tone.
I lay there like a beached whale for a while, breathing heavy and wheezy, head spinning queasily.

The nicotine and booze still held a nasty grip of me.

Then it hit me - I had stuff do do.

What, you again? You still here, little demon??

Despite the shooting pains down my neck, spine and legs, I dragged myself sideways out of the bed. My hair was sticking up all over the place, I must have looked like Don King after an electric shock. I simultaneously coughed and sneezed, doubling up as my confused and beat-up body protested against being made to start up so early. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, squinting blindly like a mole poking it's face out of drainage pipe.

What had happened?

I shuddered as a slow, hazy recollection became gradually clear in my third unseen mind's eye.... The one set dead centre of my forehead.

At first, it was just stark monochrome black and white images flashing through my memory bank......

The odd snippet of a drunken conversation which at moments crossed the border between madness and genius. Totally random subject matter, some topical, some insane and obscure. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts of it, cringing at others. Yet still quietly reciting out loud to myself what I could recall.

A sloppy, un-coordinated kiss here...

A lusty grope of flesh there.

Small-talk, the usual nonsense.

A drink - possibly red wine, couldn't be certain - sent tumbling in agonisingly slow-motion across the fake wooden living-room floor, to sniggers of embarrassed laughter. An old tea-towel appearing in my right hand to try and lamely soak up the resultant mess.

Ash and dead ciggy stumps strewn about, like my flat was the dance surface of an illegal night-club.

A TV set left on at low-volume, nobody paying it any attention but everyone seemingly feeling more comfortable that it provided light and sound, to act as a canvas for our drunken conversations.

Suddenly, the Little demon on my shoulder smacked me on the head and forcibly pulled my eyelids open.

Ah yes...that was it.

Hayley and Ste had got off around 4:00am, I reckoned. They were well and truly out of their boxes by that time.....And I had Linda to myself for maybe 2 hours....

What else?

A moment....It's hard for me too y'know boy......