Friday, 11 September 2009

My place.

"Careful...Watch that step there.,... Apologies, some tight-arse neighbour in the block keeps stealing the light-bulb from this corridor and you can't see a thing" I said as led Linda towards the door of my cube, closely followed by a pissed-up, mumbling Ste and a cackling Hayley.

We had left the Rubber Soul bar, and then stopped off in a taxi on London Road to stock up on booze and ciggies from the seedy 24-hour store, before finally landing back at the cubes.

I had to bite my tongue when Linda had insisted that her friends come along - I didn't want to have to put up with them in a packed bar, let alone in my own home. I thought they would have their own place to go to, but obviously not.

I sheepishly unlocked the door and ushered them inside.

Still, if it means you can get into Linda then so be it...

Why of course, little demon.

"Ooohh... It's a tidy little place, innit Hayl?" Said Linda, seemingly genuinely impressed with the living room as she scanned around it, inspecting the walls, floors, general decor and furniture in that way only females seem to do.

True, I had maintained the place and kept it tidy remarkably well, which was rare for me.

There were usually books, magazines, comics, manga serials, dvd's, clothes and the likes strewn all over the place. Although the black coffee table in the centre of the living room was it's usual busy self.

I had snapped to reality, general cleanliness and basic common decency in a fit of energetic boredom a couple of days earlier and sorted the place out completely.

Perhaps a bit of foresight?

Nonsense, my boy. "An Englishman's home is his castle". You should take more pride in your lair.

Too right, little demon. You are a gold-mine of sensible advice, alright.

It certainly did look different, almost cozy again.

At least to my own eyes.

"Yeah...It's alright like..." sniffed Hayley, as she and Ste simultaneously slumped on the couch.

I realised with disdain that they had swooped on the only seating that allowed space for two people, which left only the small leather armchair.

That meant I had no real forum, no rock on the idealistic beach - to sit next to Linda and get a grip of her....after a further heart-to-heart, of course...

Patience... You ain't gonna be sitting in here all night...


"Say, I'll put that ale in the freezer, eh?" I said, pointing at the cheap carrier bags on the floor crammed with cans of lager and wine.

"Yeah...Yeah... Good shout, that, lad..." drawled Ste, sinking back into the couch, the booze taking grip of him as Halyey snuggled her face up into his chest. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the sight of Linda rising from her seat, as I enthusiastically took the bags in both hands and barged into the kitchen, kicking the door open.

I messily placed the alcohol in the freezer, shuddering slightly as I unexpectedly felt two arms slide around my waist and Linda's voice behind me.

"See the problem with you is that you were always sooo...Stubborn..." She whispered, as I stood straight with my back still to her.

"Nah....I'd say it was simply being an original myself, like.." I replied.

"You're an individual, that's for sure....Never met anyone as nuts as you, really" she laughed as I turned to face her, a bottle of red wine in my right hand.

"Yeah, so I've been told...."

There was the slightest pause as we gazed at each other, then..

I kissed her full on the lips, stroking her hair with my free left hand as she pressed herself against me, leaning against the still-open freezer.

I placed the bottle down behind me and let my digits wander.

She was open, responsive...aggressive, almost. The lurking, primal expectancy I had held onto all night since running into her hours before was now a very real moment.

Told you, didn't I? Patience, Patience.....

"LINDDAAA!" came the unholy shriek from the living room, shocking her into pulling away from me.

She shot out of the kitchen and ran away from me like a disobedient child.

"For fuck's sake..." I muttered, not even bothering to lower my voice.

I actually wanted her to hear that. I'd had just about enough of these tag-ons and they'd only just stepped into the place.

I continued sorting the freezer out, stocking it up with booze, scowling to myself as I heard a muffled conversation in the living room next door.

If I was going to nail her, it would have to be the hard way.

Never an easy thing when there's an annoying outside influence on the scene....

Yeah, too right, I almost spoke out loud, digging some wine glasses out of the wall cupboard unit, before I headed back into face them.....